Meet Hundreds of Dedicated Web 3.0 Engineers, Founders, CEOs and Investors.
More Than 100 Web 3.0 Organization's to be present.

Event Location & Timing: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM GMT+4, Dubai, UAE.
Physical Conference: Sept 14-15 2022.

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"METAVSUMMIT has an incredible ROI for us, we have participated twice already"

Sergiu Draganus

Founder at CryptoCoin.Pro
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"METAVSUMMIT organizes great Web 3.0 and Blockchain investment events with high quality engaging participants, can't wait till the next one"

Daniel Gouldman

CEO & Founder of Unbanked


METAVSUMMIT attracts investors from across Dubai and the Middle East. Investors attend to find investment opportunities in Metaverse and Web 3.0 companies & startups with a goal to find the next "Unicorn" company.


METAVSUMMIT is an event that specializes in helping Web 3.0 Companies (Blockchain, Metaverse and NFTs) and Investors meet under one roof for them to be able to create long-term business relationships.


Major strategic partners and Fortune 500 companies attend to gain education about the Web 3.0 Industry which is changing rapidly. They attend with clear goals to meet the top startups & companies in the space and create long-term partnerships with them.


The Event currently holds the position of being the most focused investment event for the web 3.0 industry. This means that METAVSUMMIT focuses on high-quality targeted attendees. This is extremely important as it makes sure all parties (from investors to attendees) are at the event with the expectations of doing business with one another.


Our mission has two parts. First and foremost, educating the public on Web 3.0 and how all the elements that make it up (Blockchain, Virtual Reality, NFTs and AI) will completely change the way we interact in the coming years is a priority for METAVSUMMIT. Secondly our mission is to make sure that Founders, Investors, and members of the Web 3.0 world have a dedicated place to meet and interact in order to create valuable business relationships.


METAVSUMMIT and its holding company have been in the UAE for more than a decade. And making Dubai the base of operations has worked to be our greatest investment.

Upcoming Speakers for 2022

Event Speakers

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Wesam Lootah

CEO Smart Dubai Gov

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Josina Rodrigues

Blockchain P.H.D, Top 25 Blockchain Speaker, Academic Advisory
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Dr. Mihaela Ulieru

Chief Alchemist at SingularityNET

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Waleed Al Dhuhoori

Head of Corporate Applications at Dubai Health Authority
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Sally Eaves

CTO and Thought Leader in Emergent Technology

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Simon Cocking

Founder / Senior Editor of Irish Tech News

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Alexander Geralis

Chief Product Officer of cXchange
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Frank S. Cha

Chief Operating Officer at DataXchain

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Dana Farbo

COO and Investor at Augmate

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Issam Kassabieh

Senior Financial Analyst | Strategist | Spokesperson
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Stephan Shakespeare

CEO and Founder at YouGov

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Gary Markham

Co-Founder and CEO at aXpire

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Stefan Schmidt

CTO at Unibright
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Miguel Angel Parada

CEO at Ideasreward

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Khalid Parekh

CEO and Founder at Amchart

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Adam McBride

Co-Founder at Def Foundation
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Ekaterina Volkova

VP of Investments and Finance at Priority Token

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Jon Leonard

CEO at Tautachrome

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Thomas Reck

Founder & Chief Strategist at Insight
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Amine Sabri

Senior Manager at Ernst & Young

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Daniel Gouldman

Co-Founder at Ternio

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Sergiu Draganus

Founder at CryptoCoin.Pro
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Jeffe Koumbou F

Head of Innovation & Dev at Global Investment Trading

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Khaled Alkalbani

Founder & CEO, Ideaology

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Sonny Mohanty

Regional Director at LATOKEN

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Anna Tutova

CEO Coinstelegram

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Ralph Liu

Founder and CEO, MuleChain, Inc

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Justas Pikelis

Co-Founder President | Monetha

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Mohammed Arif Ansari

Co-Founder at TokenVisory

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Dr.Mohan Lal Agarwal

Professor, NTPC School of Business

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Anton Golub

CEO & Co-founder at flovtec.

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Christian Kameir

Managing Partner at Sustany Capital

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Andre Charles Legendre

Founder at Kalima Systems

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Misha Hanin

CEO and Co-founder at DeepDive.Tech

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Johannes Gugl

Partner at Aaro Capital

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Marco Pagani

Founder and CEO at

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Zina Ashour

Co-Founder & Marketing Director at iOWN Group

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Arutyun Nazaryan

Co-Founder & CEO of Bistox Exchange

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Physical Conference happening in Dubai, UAE on September 14-15 2022 at the Ritz Carlton, DIFC.

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